30 October 2011

Change is Good

Yes, I'm writing again.  It's been a while, I know. Today's topic is change, defined, it means to make the form, nature, content, future course, etc., of (something) different from what it is or from what it would be.  Today I am embracing change.  It started with a haircut last week, as well as a new color.  So I guess that would be making something a different form.   I'm liking that change so far.

On Monday I will venture on a new course!  I am rather excited about it!  I have accepted a position with a home health corporation. (making my future course different.) I'll admit that I'm not looking forward to the 40 hour weeks for the next 2 months while I am in training, but I do so look forward to learning something new and starting a new phase of my career in nursing.  I'm especially excited about having more one on one time with my patients and actually getting to do some patient education, about medications, disease processes, etc.  That has by far been my favorite part of nursing - teaching!  Imagine that!  What better way to combine my 2 degrees/careers.  Ok, I actually wrote this last week - I have already completed my first week. I thought it went rather well.  The online training and huge orientation manual were a bit tedious, but I've learned a lot already!  I actually was ably to observe another RN during her patient visits, and I think I'll like it once I'm on my own - just so much new information to learn.

We've also done some home improvements - on the outside anyway.  It's not quite finished, but will be soon.  Otherwise things here are much the same.  Same hubby - just terribly busy of late, same kids driving me crazy!  Missing Mark and Lindsay a LOT, but enjoying time with Greg - it's truly as if he never left.  

Of course fall brings with it some beautiful changes in color and temperature!


Another big change - Todd got his braces off! 

A new outfit for Garrett -

Mark's also experiencing some recent changes in his mission.  Read his latest email also titled "Changes" at www.marksnymission.blogspot.com.   I guess it snowed in New York City this weekend.  I'm anxious to hear how he survived the early winter visit.  These are a couple of recent pictures on his 20th birthday:

Lindsay is adjusting well to college life.  I only talk to her about once a week, but we share messages by texting and on Facebook once in a while.  These were taken on a recent weekend visit to Utah to tell her best friend, Tre', good-bye as he leave for his mission to Puebla Mexico.

So there have been a ton of recent changes - but overall life is much the same.  I'm striving to live each day at a time, enjoying each moment as best as I can.  Some moments are more challenging than others.  Some are just plain crazy.  Others, quiet and peaceful.  Such is the life of me!


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