09 December 2011

12 Days of Christmas for My Missionary!

12 Days of Christmas for My Missionary!

On the first day of Christmas
Do you hear what I hear?
Joyous harmonies and melodies
Quite pleasing to the ear!

 This Christmas stocking
 Filled with goodies and toys
 To relive your childhood
 And then share with more boys.

Christmas Day Three
Something merry to wear
To add to your collection ~
You’ll have plenty to spare!

On the fourth day of Christmas
This will be something nice:
A box of cool presents
To leave you smelling like spice?

On this fifth day of Christmas
You’ll laugh when you spy
These favorite sea creatures 
I’m not gonna lie!

And on this sixth day of Christmas
You’ll have sweet dreams
As you get warm and cozy
With one of your favorite teams!

Today's gift, 
If you really do care
 Is something special
 You'll need for your hair.
 We know for this mission
 You've truly been called ~  
 But your greatest fear before returning,
Is that you'll start to go bald!

 This eighth Christmas present
 Is refreshing and blue
 Please don’t wear too much
 Just a small spray will do!

Today’s gift is one
That's sure to make you smile,
Too bad you can't enjoy it
For at least a little while.

 This tenth holiday gift
 Is something you’ll need
 Morning, noon and night
 As you ponder and read.

Now this bag full of goodies,
 Some of them sweet
 On Christmas day eleven
 You’ll eat, eat, eat, eat!

And Finally it’s here   -
 The Big Christmas day!
 I’ve so little room
 But so much to say!

 Today is the day
 To celebrate His birth
 There will be much rejoicing
 All over the Earth!

This Christmas present
 Is sure to make you smile
 As you see lots of faces
 You haven’t seen in a while

Remember all these people
 Miss and love you too!
  And wish many blessings
To always shine on you. 

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