05 May 2009

Oh the Joy of a Clean Bathroom

My master bath has remained wonderfully tidy for the last month! The secret to a blissful bathtime experience? A lock and key. Yes, we actually installed a new doorknob that requires a key for admission. There's even a second key in the event that one gets misplaced. (I accidentally locked it in the bathroom once.)

I realize that these were rather drastic measures, but something had to be done! My kids are not happy at all. They have to ask permission to get in. They think it's all rather silly, I mean they have to stand outside in the hall so they can't spot the key's hiding place. And perhaps it is silly, but it's necessary silliness. We finally have the upper hand. Who knew it could be that simple??? What other schemes can I come up with to hinder their irksome, careless ways?

I'll certainly come up with some ideas as I soak in a luxurious bubble bath, enjoying the fragrances of my newest candles, catching up on some relaxing reading and hearing the sounds of voices and pounding on the door - "I need my shampoo, my razor, my tub toys..." - and I respond, smiling, "This is my bathroom, your stuff shouldn't even be in here!" And it really IS all MINE! (and Michael's of course) Amazing how such simple things mean so very much! Calgon, take me away!!!

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Lisette said...

I love this so much!!! I think as parents we have a right to carving out a little place that's all our own.

My son likes to visit with me in the bathroom while I put on makeup and do my hair, but he was constantly crowding too close. Now there's an invisible line he's not allowed to cross.

My bathroom is also a no whining/pouting zone, so if he wants to be in there with me, only happy thoughts and attitudes are allowed.