04 May 2009

Still Catchin' Up

Not an original title, but oh well! I was just reading through my last blog entry and decided it needs to be updated - and will try to be more upbeat.

Let's see, Greg is still preparing for his mission and is making progress. Mark has set aside plans for another war documentary so my house is spared! Lindsay still has not asked to retake the driving test - and I'm not pushing so the vehicles and nerves are still intact! Todd is playing hockey with the BIG KIDS! He is the youngest on the team and has scored a goal and has no fear of those somewhat larger than him hockey players. Thomas had an awesome progress report (all A's and B's) and we are still waiting on that psychologist's appointment. And by far the biggest news of the last month is that Garrett has FINALLY mastered the art of using the potty all the time. Mike had a job interview AND his present job has been extended until the end of the year. I finished preceptorship in Labor and Delivery and absolutely LOVED it! Yes, I most definitely want to practice OB nursing one day. I have begun the job application process, but it is definitely slow and I'm satisfied to wait and see what comes my way. I have only 11 more days until my pinning ceremony - the end is so clearly in sight now, just a couple of tests to go! Hmmm . . . what else? Life is good and we are definitely blessed.

April also gave us the opportunity to celebrate Easter and remember and give gratitude for the Lord's atoning sacrifice. The bunny came and left way too much chocolate - but I haven't gained any weight back and in fact am ready to start back on that lovely road of weight loss. The trees and flowers are blooming, grass has to be cut already. Spring has finally arrived with warmer temperatures and also reminded us of the new life we are promised. That promise of life and better things to come has taken on even more special meaning these last few weeks. I have had the opportunity to reflect on memories of someone dear who has left this life way to soon. I have to have faith in the knowledge that our Heavenly Father has wonderful things planned for Henri - but I know also that so many will be impacted by this tremendous loss. I am especially saddened because I had not seen him for so many years, but hopeful that I will see him again!

So, it was a little more upbeat, but sad as well...... and full of Hope and Promises!

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Happy Mom said...

Good to read another post from your blog. I'm impressed that you're almost done! Keep going girl!