27 March 2009

Just Catchin' Up

So, I haven't posted anything in over a month and am frankly wondering what I have to say that would be of any interest to anyone but myself. And the truth is that it's not all that interesting to me but, in the interest of keeping up with things here it goes: I'm just playing catch up with my life and busy kids. (And by the way I am totally in awe of those of you who can blog about a piece of lint and make it way entertaining!)

My kids have been on spring break this week and I have been at school, mostly. So my house is ready to be condemned. The kids do not do their own laundry and do not do the dishes without being asked, so enough said on that subject. And of course they've been showering in my bathroom. (see previous blog)

Lindsay failed to pass the driving test twice - I am sort of relieved, for at least another week until she tries yet again. It is hard to parallel park a Dodge Durango though and she actually got points taken off for driving below the speed limit! That's OK, just go ahead and drive like a little granny. She had cheer tryouts last week and she is now a Varsity cheerleader!

Mark is off planning new war videos for his American Lit class (they're reading a novel about Vietnam). So more destruction to come! (umm, see previous blog on boys).

Hockey is over for a brief while. Todd will start again next week with Spring hockey, Mark is done till next year.

Greg is planning for his mission by playing video games nonstop in between college classes. If you don't see the connection, that's Okay because neither do I.

Garrett is still peeing and pooping in his big boy pants which is really disgusting. Michael tells him he won't turn four until he stops and then Garrett cries. Potty training is supposed to get easier with each child, I thought. I was obviously misinformed!

Dear Thomas is in his own world watching Phineas and Ferb and playing Wii for way too many hours of the day. He's driving us crazy for a new video game which will not happen and he doesn't understand. He is a lesson in patience for me! We have been to a neurologist and will see a psychologist in a few weeks about a possible diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome. Too heavy to talk about here and now, so will save that until later.

I am starting my preceptorship in Labor and Delivery next week. I am excited, but am dreading getting up at 4:30 and working 12 hour shifts. I finished my resume and am getting ready to start applying for jobs. Even though there is a nursing shortage, the hospitals are cutting back on hiring for awhile.

Mike is still looking for a job. His lay off is not effective until July, so we remain hopeful. He's looking into starting a business if nothing else surfaces before then.

Okay this sounds kind of depressing which was not my intent. Blogs should be fun to read. But, I'm happy and we're well and the kids are growing like bad grass! Todd, especially. And I know we'll be blessed someway, somehow! When the Lord closes a door, he opens a window, right??? You just have have your eyes open so you can find it!!! So, I am caught up, for now. . .

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Hetal Patel-White&Brandon White said...

You are so amazing, you do so much and now you are done with school! I could never do what all you do. You are going to love being down with school work, and actually doing the real stuff. It's so much easier then school. LOL. Wow the kids are so big, and so much has changed. I love it when you leave me comments. They lift my spirits so much. And you always are commenting. I love it. You are such a giving, hardworking,spiritual,patient, daughter of God. I hope I can be more you like you someday.

Especially cause I really want six kids, and most people, well everyone thinks I can't handle it. But I believe I can. Take care, and you are always in my thoughts.