06 May 2011

Day 77 ~ Long Day

Wednesday's blog was dedicated to the tired and weary.  I went to bed on Tuesday a little before midnight.  Garrett joined us in bed about 1:30 as he often does, and then got up three separate times vomiting.  By 3:30 after stripping the sheets, putting him in the shower twice and making sure he was okay    - I was wide awake and sleep was nowhere to be found.  I tossed and turned and at 5:30 got up, dressed and headed out the door to work.  It was a busy work day as usual and when I got home by 8:30 I was fairly exhausted.  Garrett was better by day's end, by the way.  Thankfully Mike and Lindsay split the day taking care of him so I could make it to work.  These pictures with Garrett are from a couple of weeks ago after a long night at work.  So I thought they would be appropriate here.

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