10 May 2011

Day 72 ~ The Day Between Two Phone Calls

This sounds like a rather odd title to a posting, I know.  Yesterday after a day at work that can only be described as horrendous (trust me, that's all you want to know about it), I got home just in time to talk to Greg.  He filled us in on what he's been up to and what he's looking forward to in a couple of months once he's home.  All of the kids, except Todd, who was sleeping, were able to talk to him for a while.  We were able to conference in his grandparents as well.  It's so reassuring to hear the sound of his voice and know that he's not just okay, but doing really, really well!  When he said "bye", I was, for once, excited.  Because the next time I hear his voice he will either be on his way home or already in my arms.

Tomorrow morning, early, will be another phone call.  Actually in just a few hours as it's technically already morning!  As early as 6, our time, Mark will be calling from the airport.  He will be on his way to New York.   It seems rather odd to me because I hugged him goodbye two months ago.  But he hasn't really started his adventure yet.  Tomorrow it begins!  I can only imagine how excited he must be.  I wonder if he will be able to sleep tonight, and also wonder how he managed to get everything packed again.  He spoke to Mike for a few short minutes this afternoon, asking him to please increase the limit on his Amex card so that he can check another bag at the airport.  That means he had trouble packing all his "stuff".  But, really how do you pack when you're going off for two years and make it fit in 2 suitcases and 2 carry-on bags????  I'm so eager to talk to him.  His letters, emails and pictures convey an excitement that I long to confirm in his voice.

My pictures today are of both these boys at the MTC.  Both think they can climb walls and are some kind of superheroes.  And to me they are!

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