02 May 2011

Day 79 ~ , Today, Tonight and Tomorrow

Tonight I am pondering what I have to share.  I feel that I didn't get a whole heck of a lot accomplished today.  I spent way too much time in front of this computer screen,  but no, I was not mindlessly gazing. It's ominous when one can look back on the hours spent in a day and nothing really significant comes to mind.  At least on first thought.  Just because I didn't get my basement completely cleared, cleaned and in immaculate condition (I really wanted to at least accomplish the clearing and cleaning, immaculate would be a stretch!), doesn't really mean the complete day was a wash.  I just tend to nag on myself when I spend too much time here staring at this monitor.

But I actually had a purpose to the staring . . . I spent some time scanning older photographs.  I'm working on a project for Mother's Day.  Shhh. Don't tell.  Granted, it likely will not be ready by Sunday, but it's a work in progress and our moms are patient!  So I started off scanning and of course things started going wrong, one by one.  Most of my time with the computer is actually spent putting out fires.  I know they are useful and really make us work less, but sometimes I wonder about that. Long story short, the scanning project took a very long time.  Then later, Lindsay and I spent some time looking at off-campus housing at BYU-Idaho.  We made a decision and then after dinner I was back on again completing the housing agreement and paying the deposit.  Seems strange and sad to think of another child gone, so I won't now.  Tomorrow is another day.

And here I am again.  Today  really is 79 days until Greg is home.  So if I don't write my blog - I'm officially behind.  Seems like I predicted that happening.  Oh well!  Tomorrow is Greg's and Mark's Pdays or preparation days.  So I will be writing emails to both of them.  Should I write them tonight or in the morning?  I'm thinking now - while I'm already here typing.  Tomorrow will be good for cleaning and I can ban myself from the computer (until I blog).  Next thing to ponder - should I write one letter to them both like Mike does, or two separate ones?  I always opt for the latter - that way I can individualize them and they're more special.

My pictures tonight will be some of the ones I was scanning earlier today.

Todd's first day of preschool

Pop Pop feeding Garrett

Greg and Mark as Santa's helpers

Cute little Lindsay

Thomas and Lindsay

Cute one of Thomas

I miss these two!

A favorite of Mark

Thomas and I at Yellowstone

Another favorite

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