03 December 2011

Praying for the Christmas Spirit

This is one of my favorite holiday pictures of my kids.  This was taken 5 years ago and Greg was just complaining the other day how he didn't like doing this.  I guess we kept taking pictures over and over to try to find the perfect one.  Well, I think this one is pretty close to perfect.

It leaves me wondering, however, what I'm going to do for our Christmas card this year.  Lindsay won't be home until the 19th and of course Mark won't be with us at all this year.  This will be the third year that our family is not ALL together for Christmas. That makes me kind of sad, plus it just frustrates the whole Christmas card thing. I guess, I'll have to do something with individual pictures yet again.  

Oh well, I'll have to contemplate this dilemma later.  By the end of the day my house and tree will be decorated!  I'm hoping the Christmas music will help to lighten my mood, because the kids are seriously depressing it right now.  Perhaps the music will lighten their moods as well - I'm praying!

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AimeeTheSuperMom said...

You can always send all the kidlets here until you're ready for them to put ornaments on the tree.