21 January 2010


To simplify is to make easy or uncomplicated. So how does one go about simplifying one's life? I have a little knick~knack that sits on my table in the living room that says "SIMPLIFY". I also have a sign over my front door in the foyer that reads "KEEP IT SIMPLE". I placed these things there in the hopes that I would pay attention to them on occasion. I haven't been paying attention. But still a voice whispers every once in a while into my ear, saying, "SIMPLIFY". I pretend not to hear and then the voice becomes louder still, "SIMPLIFY!"

So I am writing this entry to keep myself somewhat accountable. If I write it, it will be. Kind of like, "If you build it they will come." So if I'm taking the time to write this, then I will surely try to simplify the complexities of my life. Not that my life is that complicated, it just seems to be at times. I tend to overthink things and complicate them more. So how can I simplify?

First thing is to dejunk my home. I keep saying I am going to get rid of stuff and I manage to declutter a little bit at a time. But my house is in need of a total overhaul. I've tried to teach my kids that less can indeed be more, but I need to teach more by example and start getting rid of some stuff!

Once the decluttering process has begun, I must firmly commit to not bringing any more junk in: bought, borrowed, stolen (well, I never steal) but NOTHING can enter that is not essential. And if one new item makes it through the front door, then logically one old item must say "Adios". I'm not good at goodbyes.

I next must simplify all the complexities and complications that occur in my mind. I am an expert at making mountains out of molehills. But I'm severely lacking when it comes to creating molehills out of mountains. I'm not sure how to accomplish this feat. Prayer certainly helps and some positive self talk. So I'm resolving to do more of those.

In all things I resolve to keep it simple. Note: this is my resolution, albeit 3 weeks late. But I'm not going to overthink this. I can make a resolution any time of year. I'll keep it simple when shopping, when discussing things with my kids ( I tend to go on and on, long after they've gotten the point); I'll simplify our Family Nights, I've already been getting better at that, but those can go on and on way too long; I'll simplify my living spaces, my work spaces ~ all of which will hopefully lead to better organization. I'll keep meals simple while healthy. And speaking of decluttering and dejunking ~ that goes for my body too. Simplifying what goes in and exercising to get rid of excess. So I'm not dieting, I'm simplifying. I wrote it so now I'm accountable.

Tomorrow is a new day. I know new habits take a while. I'll give it a while. There will be challenges. But I'm ready to face them. And not give in to discouragement

Time to simplify.

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Happy Mom said...

You go girl!!! Great thoughts!! We all need to simplify!