14 February 2010

2010 thus far. . .

So 2010 began noisily as it should have. We welcomed in the New Year with friends and spent all of New Years day packing for our trip home to Louisiana. Mark's girlfriend, Melissa, came over to help him pack and say "bye."
We left that night and drove through the night arriving in Livington early the next morning. Mark's best friend Tre' was our traveling buddy once again.

The week passed rather quickly but we enjoyed our time with Michael's parents. Mike and his dad took the kids on a boat ride on the Amite River despite the unusually cold temperature. It definitely felt a little more like Missouri while we were there.
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We also spent a day in New Orleans, walking through the French Quarter, eating poboys and muffalatas at Cafe Maspero's and later beignets at Cafe du Monde. It's becoming an annual tradition. Mike's mom fed us wonderfully well too. We savored every bite of seafood gumbo, pot roast, spaghetti, barbecued chicken, not to mention 2 huge red velvet cakes, homemade chocolate pies and rolls. Plus there was some dirty rice, boiled shrimp, a king cake and I've likely forgotten what else contributed to the nearly 5 pounds I gained.

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After we arrived home I began looking for another job. I could tell it was time for me to leave the nursing home behind. Plus I needed full time hours and Mike and I were both beginning to become stressed. Fortunately things turned out as I knew they would. I had faith that Heavenly Father had something in mind. Just home this is what it was ~ I start a new job tomorrow at DePaul Hospital. I will be working on a cardiac telemetry unit: taking care of patients following MIs, cardiac surgeries and procedures; a stepdown from the ICU. I am excited about the new challenges ahead and yes, somewhat nervous too! I am anxious to learn much more.

Other events from January include Thomas turning 10,
the pinewood derby at Cub Scouts
and the Saints making it to the Superbowl! February is already halfway gone ~ Todd turned 13 last week
and well, the Saints actually WON the Superbowl!!! We had a bunch of friends over to watch the game and help celebrate this long awaited victory. We in complete N'Awlins fashion had tons of food. I even found a local bakery that had black and gold king cake and Saints cookies. Sweet! This was special to any fan New Orleans born and raised as we are. But it was a bittersweet time as Greg who is undoubtedly one of their biggest fans was not here to savor this moment in history. In fact he didn't even get to watch the game as he was busy doing what he set out to do: teaching others about our Church and the Saviour. But I crafted a "stick Greg" as he will forever be known that watched the game with us and "paced" back and forth during the tense moments.

It's taken me forever to get this post situated the way I wanted. It's snowing again tonight. Time for bed now. Traffic will likely be horrible as I venture to my first day of orientation. Wish me luck!

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