11 July 2010

Another Vacation Gone!

I am so sad when it's time to come home from a vacation. I literally get choked up a little. I guess because so much effort goes into the planning and then you're actually going ~ and before you know it ~ it's over, all too quickly!

Why just a week ago today, we were on our way, the horrible task of packing behind us. So much to look forward to - relaxing, spending precious time as a family, for me ~ actually having time to start and finish a book.

So today, as I was preparing to leave ~ I was standing on the balcony of our bedroom, looking out over the rolling hills, enjoying the light breeze and wondering where the week had gone ~ I said a little prayer that my mood would lighten and that I would focus on the positive.

So even though I'm sad that the vacation is over, I'm so grateful that we had the opportunity to get away for a while. I'm thankful for being able to sit in the sunshine and watch my kids splash in the pool. I loved the sounds of the water cascading in the pool. I loved watching the kids ride the jet ski on Table Rock Lake. That evening, the water was so calm and still and was as a sheet of glass as the teenagers attempted to get up on their skis.

I truly relished the chance to delve into a good book and catch up on the adventures of Edward and Jacob. In my opinion, Bella deserves neither of them ~ I'm just saying.

And strolling down the avenue at Branson Landing, watching Garrett jump in the puddles as the rain continued to lightly tap the bricks; peeking in the shops; purchasing some salt water taffy at the candy store. Then taking in the lights and fountain playing in tandem to the music. Viewing the fog as it hovered over the lake near the boardwalk. All of those things, though simple, brought just a touch of happiness and serenity.

A night out with Michael, though the buffet was really awful, but just some time alone while the big kids and their friends took the little ones out for a game of putt-putt.

Then last night, laying with Garrett, as he fought sleep and pressed his little hand into mine and asked me to stay with him. I was already dreading coming home, but that little hand comforted me as I knew it would be coming home with me also.

It always takes me a while to get back in the swing of things. Back to the ho hum and hum drum. That's what makes it so very hard. Last week I has all these plans - nothing really big or special, just different; and now WHAT? Only time will tell, until then ~ I have some awesome memories!

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