30 March 2011

Day 100 - A Memorable Vacation

So this is actually something I started on Facebook, and I just had the thought that I really should make it part of my blog, especially since I'm so wonderful at keeping it updated! I'm counting down the days until Greg comes home - in pictures.  The number of days isn't quite accurate, but it's close enough, and I won't be able to blog every day.  It's just a fun way of counting down to something I've been waiting for a long time now, nearly 2 years!  And I love to express myself in pictures of my family and little blurbs about them.  So it starts . . .

 This is a favorite memory from Labor Day weekend 2003 - a canoe trip at Eminence, MO. Fun day but scary - Thomas and I were in a canoe that flipped. I popped up and couldn't find him - he was under the overturned canoe, safe and sound and crying. Can we say panic attack???? for both of us????

                       Same old Todd; same old smirk! ;) and a worried Thomas - wonder if this was after the flip?

                                   Not the best shot of Mark - looks like a gee mom not another picture moment.
                                                                                            Cute little Lindz!
                                                                    Cute one of Greg!

                                                                     Poor traumatized Thomas sleeping it all away!    

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