19 June 2011

Day 32 ~ Memories of My Dad

Today is Father's Day, so today's picture is dedicated to my dad.  I am certain I don't say it enough, but I love him dearly.  He taught me to never give up, to believe in myself.  I know he was proud of me and he would just give me a hard time so that I would try harder.  He still does that. I won't even mention Big G, Little G and Fat G - oops I just did.  Hah!  All in good fun!
As I sit here brainstrorming fun memories ~ here's what comes to mind:
digging for worms in the dirt
squeezing next to him in his big recliner
me running to greet him when he came home from work yelling "DAAAAAADDY!"
teaching me to hold a bat
going to lots and lots of restaurants as I was growing up
his oh so corny jokes
him wearing my ma ma's wig just for fun
trips to the country to see his "old aunts"
long discussions about just about anything you can imagine: politics, religion, football, John Wayne movies
long walks everywhere - to church, to shops on Metairie road, parades, and even a long walk back home from Lakeside Theatre after "Star Wars"
throwing rocks in the creek in North Carolina
lunch at Bud's Broiler
dots of shaving cream on my nose
singing jingles in the bathroom as he shaved - Roto Rooter; Ajax the foaming cleanser
me being "the squirrel", Stephanie was "the rabbit"
watching the Stooges and Shirley Temple movies; Abbott and Costello; Laurel and Hardy
putting on the old records and dancing to songs like "The Baby Elepant Walk" and Al Hirt songs
the taste of salt as I kissed his face when he was working in the yard
Happy Father's Day! 

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