07 April 2011

Day 94 ~ Panama City

Last night we booked reservations for this summer in Panama City, Florida. So this got me thinking about the last time we were there - summer 2006. It was a fun and fabulous time with lots of sand in Garrett's diaper as I recall. But we rode the jet ski a lot and soaked up a lot of sun. We all had a good time despite the fact that almost all of us spent a day sick with the stomach flu - and of course it wasn't the same day - it spread out from beginning to the end of the trip. But it was fun nonetheless - can't wait to go back!

 Cute as ever, Todd!

 Greg is Garrett's hero! These 2 are about as close as any of them, despite the 15 year difference.
 Thomas loved the sand!
 I wonder if this was before they ran it up on the sandbar.
 This series of pictures of Greg and Garrett brought tears to my eyes (yes I'm a sap) They are best buds!

 One of my favorite pictures ~ Greg and Garrett on the beach
 3 teenage lazy bones, while the other 2 are up to who knows what back there.
 A favorite photo of our family at Panama City Beach
 Mr Cool Garrett
Wild adventures on our jet ski

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