31 July 2009

My Summer So Far. . . in a Nutshell

The last 3 months have passed too quickly. . .

In May I graduated from St Charles Community College School of Nursing. I did not actually attend the graduation ceremony (been there, done that once before), but did attend the traditional pinning ceremony. It was a special night and all of my family including my mom, dad and sister, Stephanie were able to attend. Except Greg who had to work. The following week I accepted a position at a well-known long term care facility in the St. Louis area. I completed my training about 3 weeks ago and am now "on my own". I stay very busy and am usually on my feet about 9 hours a day. I am working part~time right now and that is more than enough! I am happy to say that I passed my boards and am a licensed RN! I enjoy the time I spend working for the most part.

At the end of May after much anticipation, Greg received his mission call. He will be serving in the Boise, Idaho mission. He leaves on August the 16th and will report to the MTC (Missionary Training Center) on August 19. I am excited for him and am proud of his decision to serve, but am of course heartsick at the thought of him being gone for 2 years! We (or I should say, I) am in the middle of getting things ready for his departure. Shopping is just about done, but there are always little last minute details. Greg will probably become ready about 24 hours before he boards the plane! He is such a procrastinator! One of the ways he has prepared is by attending the temple in Nauvoo, Illinois. Michael and I, as well as Michael's parents were there to accompany him.

Garrett, otherwise known as "my baby" turned 4 on the 8th of July. It's hard to believe how fast time flies. Although I think the same thing when I look at Greg and try to imagine him being gone and grown. In fact today Garrett was laying in my lap and I called him "my baby" to which he promptly responded,"Mom, I'm not a baby anymore~I'm a kid!" So he is and so I must get used to it!

The rest of the gang will soon be starting school. Thomas just earned his red belt in Tae Kwan Do. Todd is preparing to try out for the "C" team in hockey. He's excited to be playing with the big kids (7th, 8th and 9th graders). He and Mark both attended Boy Scout camp a couple of weeks ago. Mark also went to University of Missouri in Columbia to attend EFY (Especially for Youth). Lindsay went also and both had a wonderful and memorable time. Lindsay is our major traveler of the summer. She spent a week at Girls' Camp, a week at Cheer Camp, a week at EFY, and is now gone to Pennsylvania and New York with family friends.

As we have prepared for summer to end and Greg to leave, we decided that now was a perfect time to have a family picture, especially since it had been years and years since our last one! So last week all 8 of us climbed into the Durango~ an adventure that doesn't occur too often anymore with all the teenage drivers in our household ~ and drove to Quail Ridge Park in Wentzville for a photo session. I'm including just a few of our favorites of the MANY, MANY pictures! We're so grateful to Ben and Becca for their time and patience and am including a link to their blog: blimbam.blogspot.com

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Happy Mom said...

Congrats on graduating girl!!! You've got a beautiful family!