15 December 2009

Christmas Letter 2009

A merry, merry Christmas to Family and Friends!
2009 has been a year of Changes . . .
Michael’s time with Thomson~Reuters is officially over. We are grateful for the many months he has had to prepare for the layoff. During this time, after much prayer and consideration, he decided it was time to venture on his own and has started his own consulting business, Expense Reduction Analysts. He already has begun work with a couple of clients and has some promising prospects for the new year.
Gracie completed nursing school in May, began working as a treatment nurse at a local long term care facility in June, and passed boards in July so can officially add RN to her title. She has been working part~time since then, but will begin full time hours in January. The work has been more enjoyable than expected, but at the time of this letter is seriously considering applying for a hospital position.
Greg is away from us this Christmas. He is currently serving a 2 year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter~day Saints in the Boise Idaho Mission. He is presently serving in Caldwell, Idaho and seems to be loving it. His letters and emails home are encouraging and upbeat, which for Greg is a wonderful thing! We miss him terribly but are so proud of his decision to serve and teach others of Christ. He has immersed himself in teaching and service to others. For those of you back home in Louisiana, we have said that he is the New Orleans Saints’ good luck charm. How else could they be doing so well, if not for the service of their Number 1 Fan! Before he left, he predicted this would be their year and that he would miss seeing them play. But then again, he always says it’s their year. LOL
Mark is a Senior in high school this year. It’s hard to believe we’ll have another one graduating soon. He decided not to play hockey this year, but ran Cross Country in the Fall and beat his previous times. He is looking forward to playing Lacrosse in the Spring. He enjoys writing and is seriously contemplating a future in broadcast journalism. So many comment on his great speaking voice, so who knows?? For now he stays busy hanging out with his friends and his girlfriend and working at Waterway Carwash.
Lindsay, a Junior, spent the beginning of the school year cheering for the high school football team. She is doing terrific in school, as always, taking two college level classes in Spanish and Anatomy & Physiology. She spends her spare time hanging out with friends, babysitting and making sandwiches at Quizno’s. She’s become a beautiful young lady and has a fun personality.
Todd is in 7th grade. He is all about ice hockey right now and pretty much nothing else. He plays C team for the high school, which is the prep team for present and future high school players. He holds his own out on the ice and isn’t afraid to check (hit) a Freshman or Sophomore who is much BIGGER than him! He’s already scored 2 goals so far this season and is only 1 of 3 7th graders to make the team!
Thomas will be 10 in January. He has adjusted well to the changes 4th grade brings and we are adjusting to his recent diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome, which is a high functioning type of Autism. He still loves Math and his video games. He has earned his first degree red belt in Tae Kwon Do. He’s also a terrific speller and will be representing his class again this year in the Spelling Bee.
Garrett is now 4 and so not a baby anymore. He goes to Preschool twice a week. He mastered the potty in the Spring before he turned 4 which was a huge relief! He loves Batman, Spiderman and Transformers, loves to sing songs and is in constant motion. Life is never dull when Garrett is around! His constant energy reminds us of Greg and he also shares many of Greg’s mannerisms, but continues to look more like Todd.

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