23 April 2011

Day 85 ~ Easter Preparations

The day before Easter is typically spent dyeing eggs.  We'll get started on that soon - after I run to the drug store for the dye kit and some Easter grass.  Do I really want the Easter grass, though? It usually just gets thrown around and ultimately winds up being wound up in the vacuum cleaner brush.  It's so fun and festive though!

I won't be able to take pictures with my camera of all the dyeing fun because I sent my memory card to Mark and I had better be getting one back really soon!  So I'm choosing some pictures from Easter 2007 to get me in the mood.  Oh the wonders of Easter egg dye - my nails will certainly be colorful!  I do seriously love the tradition, although fewer and fewer of my kids enjoy participating.  It gives us an opportunity to talk about the real meaning of Easter and what an awesome thing that is!

 This picture actually reminds me that Thomas needs a haircut today!
 Such colorful fun!
 Yeah, Garrett, just stick your whole hand in!
Yes it dyes your hands as well as the eggs!
 And this reminds me that I need to find that bunny that sings and hops!
 Mike's parents came for a visit that Easter.  Please, no one tell her that her picture is on here!
 My only 3 boys here now.
Wow!  I bought a box of 140 plastic eggs this year.  Can't wait for the Bunny to hide them all - we'll be finding them for months to come.

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