23 April 2011

Day 86 ~ Picture from the Storm

Well, I was trying to leave work at a decent time, but a Code Black was called.  Translation:  Tornado warning. So I wandered the halls of the hospital, checked out the basement, took a bathroom break, sipped on a Diet Mountain Dew.  Once I figured that enough time had passed, I ventured outside to the parking garage.  From there I took this photo.  I wish that I had my camera, but the phonecam had to suffice.  It was so eerie - lightning flashing constantly through the clouds- it did not matter that it took forever for the picture to "click"; it was bound to capture the light.  Despite the police and fire engine sirens wailing, there was a creepy calmness to the scene.  As I stood there, I was afraid that one of those flashes of light would illuminate the shape of a funnel cloud.  Yet I stood there mesmerized . . . until the tornado sirens sounded again.  I soon learned that I had actually just missed the funnel cloud and the tornado it spawned as it approached the Lambert St Louis Airport.  Today's post and picture are dedicated to the beauty, fierceness and unpredictability of Mother Nature.

Continued prayers for everyone's safety . . . .

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