15 April 2011

Day 89 - A Taste of Home with Hazel

Today my sister Stephanie took a day off from her busy workplace to spend the day with me.  She never ever takes off because her work is so enjoyable to her.  Wish I had that attitude!  But then Stephanie has a positive attitude about just about everything!  So we spent some time tidying up the house and organizing a little bit here and there - she loves to help clean and is an awesome organizer!  That how she's earned the name "Hazel" from my dad.  For those of you too young to remember, Hazel was the name of a TV program about a housekeeper. I'm not THAT old, I just remember the reruns.  So yes, Stephanie, aka Hazel helped me clean house and is a terrific help because I'm not BO, that is born organized.

After some of the cleaning was finished, we took a trip up Hwy N to Louisiana Cafe.  The Friday special was fried catfish and crawfish etouffee, plus we had some gator chips on the side.  That would be fried pickles.  Even though I'm from Louisiana, I've never eaten a gator, nor will I ever have the desire.  So we listened to a little bit of jazz, dined on some seafood and reminisced about Greg who loved to eat at Louisiana Cafe.  I figured out that he will be home in 13 weeks and 5 days and well, 13 weeks and 5 days ago we got home from our trip to Louisiana.  Quite appropriate, I would say!  And yes, I do realize how nerdy, cooky, crazy, sappy and totally desperate it is that I actually know such things.  But such is the life of a missionary mom or any mom who has loved ones far away.  So that's my story for today and laissez le bon temps rouler!

 Steph said the catfish was really good!  It really was!
 Digging in
 Gator Chips
 Fried Catfish and Crawfish Etouffee - very spicy, my sinuses are cleared!
Louisiana Cafe

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