28 April 2011

Day 81 ~ This Day in 1984, I met my best friend

Well, I know that Mike doesn't know that it's today, but . . . .  I DO!  Yes it was 27 years ago tonight - April 28, 1984 that we first met.  He'll be oh so pleased that I not share the wonderful details of said meeting!   But suffice it to say, it was a day that I'll always remember because, well, it totally changed my future.

I woke up that Saturday morning and had no idea what a significant day it was to be!  I was a little bit uneasy and actually had begun dreading the evening to come.  But my mom said, "Just go, you never know - you might meet someone."  Words of wisdom.  Thanks Mom, cause I did - my future husband, father of all 6 of our children  (I'm often asked if they have the same dad), the love of my life, my best friend.

 Yeah, he's pretty hot!

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