14 April 2011

Day 91 - Lindsay's Turn

So this one is dedicated to my one and only Lindsay.   She gives me a hard time about how I am "obsessed" with her brothers, Greg and Mark, who are away on missions right now.   It has been pretty hard at times, having them gone and I spend a lot of time writing them, updating their blogs, preparing care packages, etc.   It's actually a blessing that she is very independent and stays on top of her schoolwork, spends her own money, has made plans for college virtually on her own!  So I haven't had to "obsess" with her all that much.    So it's only fair that I devote some time to her - in pictures!

We're very different in so many ways, but I think we're alike also.  I admire her independence, her high moral character, her fun - loving spirit.  She has earned top grades in high school  -claiming a 4.4 gpa this past quarter. More importantly, she has earned the respect and won the affection of so many!  I can't even begin to count the number of compliments I have received on her behalf.  She has been a true leader in her young women's group - offering a compliment, providing service, making others feel important and simply flashing her beautiful smile!  I am truly proud of her and consider myself lucky to be her mom!

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