15 April 2011

Day 90 ~ How I'm Beating the Struggle at the Gas Pump

A few days ago I was listening to a local radio DJ who was asking his listeners what they were doing to deal with rising gas prices.  Some were carpooling, some were making a point to consolidate errands into one big trip, some were postponing summer vacations. . .

I'm already fairly conservative in the amount of time I spend "running" my vehicle and I refused to sacrifice a much needed family vacation.  So my most economical option was to say "good-bye" to my Dodge Durango!  We've only had it for 4 years and thought we were getting a pretty good deal, buying a used car and all.  And it's actually been a pretty good car, except for the fact that it sucks!  Literally - it sucks the gas.

So after much looking (we honestly started looking over 2 years ago), I decided on the Kia Sportage.  It's smaller, but then so is my family these days; it's fun to drive and most importantly I'm not spending nearly half a day's salary when I fill it up every week!  So my picture today is dedicated to better fuel economy!

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